Dark Matter by Invisibl

Unlock the true power of your data

Govern your data lakes through an
unified data platform

The challenge

Wasted time & effort in identifying right datasets for your use cases

Poor quality of data leading to erroneous business decisions

Sensitive data leakage from data lakes

The Solution

Discover right datasets in your Data Lakes through Augmented Data Catalog

Improve Data Quality through automated data profiling and quality monitoring

Implement Privacy Policies to discover & protect sensitive data

Augmented Data Catalog

Get rich insights about your data sets through a Machine Learning powered Augmented Data Catalog. Data Profile, Data Quality & Data Privacy deeply integrated within the catalog to provide you an immediate snapshot of datasets in your Data Lakes. And discover your data through a powerful and easy search experience.

Data Quality

Maintain Data Quality of your datasets to avoid errors in your business decision making. Define quality rules that automatically monitor data quality. Understand Accuracy, Validity and Consistency of your data to meet your data governance standards. See if your quality is improving or dropping over time through historical trends and take actions.

Data Privacy

Discover sensitive data in your Data Lakes through the Machine Learning powered Data Privacy engine. Automatically detect sensitive data for various compliance standards. Define privacy policies that can automatically protect your sensitive data and ensure your organization users comply with your data standards.

Data Lineage

Understand relationships between different datasets and how data flows in your data lake. Automatically extract data lineage from your datasets and visualise through an intuitive interface to ensure trustworthy data is used in making business decisions.

Multi Region Data Lakes

Using a single unified platform, create and manage data lakes across many geographic regions to meet your data residence requirements. Ensure data doesn't leave designated geographic regions through strong regional boundaries and get a single pane of view of all your data.

Optimize your Data Lake costs.
All the time

Get real-time visibility into your Data Lake costs through a built-in cost dashboard. Analyse costs through various dimensions (including your own organisation structure) to understand costs deeper and optimize.


Pre Built Ingestion Blueprints

Start your data ingestion workflows quickly through pre-built blueprints for popular use cases. Blueprints available for both streaming data workflows and batch workflows.

Baked In Infrastructure Best Practices

Deploy your data lakes on infrastructure that’s deployed with Security, Availability, Scalability and Cost best practices. Derived from 10 years of deep cloud expertise.


Enable seamless collaboration between your teams through built in messaging system. Quickly identify those data issues, talk about the right data sets for your use cases and improve productivity. All within the platform.

Professional Services

Supplement your team with specialised skills and experience to drive your business and data initiatives. We can work with your team to help you realise your desired technical and business outcomes of modernising your data infrastructure.

On the Cloud. Across the Cloud

Run your data platform on your cloud provider of choice (current support for AWS) with deep integration of native cloud provider services. Use a single platform to create and manage data lakes across different cloud providers.

Modern technology stack

Built on top of Kubernetes and Serverless technologies, Dark Matter comes with the latest technology stack providing you a modern platform that increases your productivity, reduces infrastructure provisioning & management and keeps your costs always optimal.

How It Works

Use Cases

Data Lake Governance

Implement strong governance practices for your Data Lakes to prevent data leakages and control quality of data. Enable users to quickly identify appropriate and well controlled datasets and drive better and faster business decisions.

Regulated Data Lakes

Deploy and manage Data Lakes for regulated environments with built-in security and compliance controls for data and infrastructure.

Multi Region & Multi Cloud Data Lakes

Use a single platform to manage Data Lakes across multiple geographical regions and across multiple Cloud Providers. Data Lake users need not learn and adapt to different tools and terminologies of different Cloud Providers