Provide a Kubernetes Developer Platform in your Enterprise

Gravity helps Platform & DevOps teams to standardize Kubernetes in their organization and provide a self-service Kubernetes platform to developers. Developers do not have to deal with Kubernetes complexities while Platform teams can be at peace with standardized Kubernetes deployments.

Harness the power of Kubernetes. Without its complexities

Developers can deploy their Workloads to Kubernetes without the need to learn Kubernetes. Gravity takes care of all the Kubernetes heavy lifting so that you can focus on your business.

  • Simplified, developer focussed workflows that don’t speak Kubernetes at all. No need to write YAML files
  • Out of the box High Availability, Auto Scaling, Config & Secret Management, Automated TLS, Ingress Management for Workloads. Available through a purpose built developer experience
  • Rollout new features at Warp speed through the integrated Continuous Deployment workflows. Choose a deployment strategy (Rolling, Canary, Blue/Green) that works for you. Selectively enable Continuous Deployments for specific container images and control releases to different environments
  • One click integration of Cloud Services with Workloads. Gravity automatically provides the necessary Secrets & IAM Service Accounts for Workloads to connect to Cloud Services. Save on weeks of Cloud integration efforts and quickly take your apps live

One Control Plane for Kubernetes & Cloud. Govern Centrally

Provision both Kubernetes resources and Cloud Services through a single platform and govern them centrally. Gravity provides you a single Control Plane to deal with both Kubernetes and Cloud.

  • Standardized Cluster provisioning and Workload deployments that ensures all teams adhere to your organization’s security & compliance controls
  • Centralized policy management through OPA policies that automatically detect and report violations
  • Build custom Cloud Service Catalog to onboard Cloud Services. Create custom Plans and Policies to set guard rails and govern Cloud Services as per your organization’s needs
  • No more configuration drift of your Kubernetes resources and Cloud Services. Gravity automatically detects drift and always maintains desired resource configuration

Unified Observability. At the lowest cost

Get a unified view of your Observability data in a single pane to troubleshoot issues faster. No more switching between multiple tools during a production issue.


  • Gravity Clusters are automatically configured with Observability infrastructure to provide you immediate access to Logs, Metrics and Distributed Traces
  • Engineered to hold Terabytes of Observability Data for longer periods of time at the lowest cost. No more bill shocks due to accidental excessive logging
  • No additional infrastructure to be managed for Observability. Gravity orchestrates all required Observability infrastructure including necessary shippers saving months of integration effort

Kubernetes Continuous Security and Compliance. Day 2 ready

Out of the box Security and Compliance for your Kubernetes infrastructure. Immediate insights into security & compliance violations.

  • Gravity provides Continuous Compliance, Vulnerability Scanning and Intrusion Detection for your Kubernetes infrastructure and Workloads
  • Centrally implement Security & Compliance controls using 100+ rules purpose built for Kubernetes
  • Features that you need to integrate with your existing operations – Single Sign On, Role Based Access Control, Namespace Isolation, Revision History & Audit
  • Automatic Kubernetes Service Accounts for Workloads (Pods) to connect to Cloud Services. Always ensure least privileges are provided to Pods when connecting to Cloud Services.

Drill down and Optimize Kubernetes costs. From the get-go

Get real-time insights into your Kubernetes spends to continuously optimize your costs.

  • Know where your Kubernetes spends are. Breakdown costs at Cluster, Project and down to your Workload level
  • Automatic recommendations to optimize your Kubernetes infrastructure and reduce costs. Avoid over or under provisioning your Kubernetes resources
  • Correlate Kubernetes costs with your org structure to understand spends by business units and implement chargeback
  • Combine Kubernetes costs with your Cloud costs to get a unified view of your spends



Kubernetes Journey Uncertain through Trial & Error Safe & Predictable Up & Running in 4 hours
Adoption Inconsistent across teams Standardized & Consistent
DevOps Team Large team of kubernetes experts Minimal / 2-3 kubernetes experts 70% Lower TCO
DevOps Efforts Silo-ed; Duplicated Centralized; Lean
Developer Experience Limited by DevOps Bandwidth Self Service Platform 80% Improved productivity
Feature Release Cycles Weekly / Monthly Multiple times a day Innovate like Unicorns
DevOps Maturity Monotonous, Repeated Efforts Focus on SRE activities Highest evolution of DevOps
Cloud Integration Many Weeks; Complex 1-Click; In Minutes
Observability Expensive; Bill Shocks Predictable; Low Cost 1/10th of Commercial Solutions
Security & Compliance Limited & Unmanagable Central Governance Framework


Enterprise Grade Clusters

Fully automated production grade Kubernetes cluster provisioning that automatically configures clusters with Security, Scalability and Availability best practices. One click Kubernetes version upgrades that are pre-validated and assisted.

Integrated Service Mesh

Clusters pre-configured with Service Mesh so that you can easily deploy your Microservices. Gravity provides a pluggable service mesh architecture with flexibility to deploy service mesh of your choice and supports advanced use cases such as Multi Cluster Service Mesh.

Intelligent Auto Scaling

Scale your workloads based on either default metrics (CPU/Memory) or events from other sources. Gravity deeply integrates Keda that allows you to configure scaling based on various event sources such as Managed Cloud Services, Databases.

Simplified Ingress Management

Gravity automatically provisions required Ingress components for your workloads, deploys TLS certificates and manages External DNS entries. You can perform Path, Host, Header based routing and weight based traffic splitting easily without writing any complex YAML definitions.

Test Your Microservices

Identify any issues with your Microservices (including in-cluster ones) by performing API tests right from the browser. Send various types of HTTP requests to your Microservices and validate whether they are responding as expected.

Built-in Kubernetes Tools

Use a browser based shell to securely interact with your Kubernetes resources. Popular Kubernetes administrative tools such as Octant, ArgoCD, K9s are available out of the box. Bring in your favorite Kubernetes tool through a plug and play Tools onboarding architecture.

Run Clusters at Optimal Cost

Gravity deeply integrates with Spot and On-demand Instances to meet your availability and cost goals. One click Scale-to-zero to terminate all nodes in your cluster when you don’t need them.

SSO and User Management

Gravity automatically integrates with your existing Identity Provider (Active Directory or any OpenId Connect provider). Invite users to specific Projects and restrict access to resources through Roles. Namespace scoped resources that provide clear isolation and permission boundaries.

One Kubernetes Platform For All

Gravity for Developers
  • Deploy your Workloads through developer friendly workflows. No Kubernetes YAMLs
  • See Logs, Metrics and Traces of your apps in one place. Troubleshoot issues faster
  • Connect your apps to Cloud Services in one click
  • Test if your APIs are working as expected right from the browser
  • Rollout features faster through one-click Continuous Deployment
  • Choose a deployment strategy that works for you – Rolling, Canary or Blue/Green
Gravity For Platform/SRE teams


  • Standardize Kubernetes across all your teams
  • Unified Observability at lowest cost
  • Centrally govern both Kubernetes and Cloud resources
  • Enterprise grade Kubernetes clusters & Standardized cluster provisioning
  • Continuous Compliance & Security for Kubernetes environments
  • Kubernetes cost visibility and cost optimization recommendations






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