Accelerate Scientific Research through Self Service Computing Platform

Accelerate Scientific Discoveries

Take your Scientific Pipelines from idea to production through a self service platform for building and running pipelines.

Lower barrier for Cloud Infrastructure

Get immediate access to Cloud Infrastructure for executing your pipelines without being throttled by access to Infrastructure and Tools. No more waiting on tickets & queues.

End to End Platform for scientific workflows

An end-to-end platform for building & executing pipelines, access & visualize results and collaborate with others.

Run Pipelines without any IT skills

  • 1
    Select a pipeline
  • 2
    Provide inputs
  • 3
    Run pipeline
  • 4
    Visualize and analyze results
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Run 1000s of simulation in parallel by just providing pipeline parameter values
  • Bioinformatics Pipelines
  • Computational Biology Pipelines
  • Snakemake
  • Nextflow

One central platform for running all your pipelines

Any Pipeline

Any Compute

Any Cloud

Quark for Wet Lab Scientists

Intuitive, web-based, no-code analysis platform to run, visualize, and analyze scientific workflows with 1-click. No IT skills required.

Quark for Dry Lab Scientists

Self-service platform to rapidly build reproducible, workflow-agnostic pipelines with on-demand workspaces, compute, and datasets. ZERO DevOps intervention.

Day 0

Deploy Quark and Run 100s of pre-built pipelines

Day 1

Bring existing pipelines (Nextflow, Snakemake, Custom)

Day 2

Build New Pipelines through Visual Builder

What our customers say

Quark has allowed our scientists to discover pipelines and run them in a self-service manner with no IT intervention. This has shortened the time for results. Truly game changing for research.

Quark’s intuitive and simple interface to run pipelines allows me to get my research done faster. I am able to run 1000s of pipelines every week without having to dabble any scripts or reaching out to IT.

Super charge your scientists today!

Any Pipeline. Any Compute. Any Cloud

Run scientific pipelines in your choice of Compute and Cloud.

  • Bring your existing pipelines – Nextflow, Snakemake, Custom
  • Run pipelines in your compute choice – Kubernetes, HPC, Batch,
  • Run in any cloud –  AWS, GCP, Azure,
  • On-Demand / Spot Instances, CPU/GPU options
  • Multiple Storage options for pipelines – Object Store, NFS, Lustre

Run Pipelines without any IT skills

Empower scientists / researchers to run and analyze pipelines from an intuitive interface.

  • Organization wide, searchable, central catalog of ready-to-run pipelines.
  • Intuitive & simplified user interface to run pipelines in 1-click.
  • Analyze and view results through popular visualization tools.
  • Troubleshoot pipeline issues through Out-of-the-box Observability.

Build New Pipelines. No-code and Pro-code users are welcome

Intuitive Drag and Drop Interface

  • Easily build new scientific pipelines without any programming expertise
  • Zero learning curve – No scripting / coding efforts required
  • Publish fully built pipelines to the Launchpad

Or use a fully featured IDE

  • 1-click launch of JupyterLab, Rstudio, Codeserver IDEs
  • Launch from Self contained Bundles with pre-configured Code, Compute and Data
  • CPU / GPU Options. Auto fine-grained IAM for Cloud Services connectivity

Collaborative Research

Seamlessly collaborate with other practitioners by sharing / re-using pipelines and data across the organization

  • Discover existing pipelines built by others in your organization and use them – avoid duplication of efforts
  • Share workspaces with others to collaborate in real-time while building pipelines
  • Publish and share pipeline results to gather feedback from others
  • Discover datasets and packages for pipelines from a central catalog

Security and Compliance

Built for regulated industries with Enterprise grade full-stack security and compliance

  • Private Deployment within your organization’s Virtual Private Cloud
  • Clear Isolation of compute, code and data (such as artifacts) between users
  • Enterprise single-sign-on and role based access controls (RBAC)
  • Fine grained IAM policies
  • Encryption in-transit and at-rest





Scientist Experience Work through DevOps Tickets & Manual Processes Self Service Platform 80% Improved Productivity
Access to Infrastructure Weeks. Delayed, Limited by DevOps Bandwidth Immediate & Self Service
New Scientific Pipelines Many Weeks Days 10X Faster Research
Running Scientific Pipelines Custom Scripts Self Service GUI, APIs and CLI
Finding prior research Word of mouth. Internal Knowledge Base Centralized Catalog of ready to run pipelines Democratize Science
Scientific Software & Workflows Manually managed Pre-built Packages & Workflows
Visualizing Results Install custom tools. Work with IT Integrated popular Visualization Tools Immediate Feedback & Collaboration

Focus on Science. Not Infrastructure

Accelerate science without the infrastructure complexities. Build and operate any pipeline, at any scale, on any cloud

Super charge your scientists today!

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