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Accelerate your Infrastructure Modernization

We help you become Cloud Native and modernize your infrastructure with Kubernetes

What We Offer

With our deep expertise in Cloud technologies and Kubernetes we help you modernize your infrastructure.

Production Grade Kubernetes

First things first. Production grade Kubernetes starts with running highly available, scalable and secure clusters. We build such clusters to ensure your mission critical workloads run uninterrupted.

  • Cluster sizing

  • Networking

  • Auto Scaling

  • Bootstrapping

  • Upgrade

Workload Management

Your most loved ones – your mission critical applications. We implement end to end lifecycle management for your workloads including

  • Deployments

  • Resource management

  • Metrics & Event based Auto Scaling

  • External Secrets integration

  • Ingress, TLS and DNS management

  • Blue/Green, Canary rollouts


Observe everything. Track the availability, health, and resource utilization of Kubernetes infrastructure.

  • Auto bootstrapping clusters with observability shippers to collect logs, metrics and traces
  • Build low cost observability infrastructure using Grafana Stack

  • Design and implement of long term storage for observability data

  • Data expiration/archival mechanisms

  • Remote write configurations for shippers

The Job Zero – ensuring your Kubernetes clusters are secure. We help securing your Kubernetes infrastructure in the following areas

  • Design and implement Governance policies to enforce your org’s guardrails

  • Implement security & compliance policies such as container vulnerability scanning, intrusion detection, CIS benchmark checks

  • Deploy clusters with appropriate Kubernetes RBAC, Namespace isolation

Automation & GitOps

Healthy Kubernetes operations requires Robust Automation. We can automate wide variety of activities so that you keep a lean Kubernetes team

  • Design and create Helm Charts to automate bootstrapping, deployments, updates

  • Implement GitOps model to ensure Git remains the source of truth for all artefacts and manifests

  • Build CI / CD pipelines

  • Implement Argo Workflows for parallel job executions and Argo Rollouts for canary/blue-green deployment

Cost Management

Every $ counts. We bring in the required cost visibility and cost optimization techniques to help you run a tight ship.

  • Implement Kubernetes labelling strategy to provide cost visibility

  • Build cost dashboards to provide cost visibility, viewing trends, performing drill downs

  • Balance cost, availability and performance by using Spot and On-demand infrastructure

  • Targeted scheduling of workloads to specific cluster capacity

  • Implementing policies to enforce cost management best practices

How we do it

We can augment with your team to accelerate at various stages of your cloud native & modernization journey.

  • Review existing infrastructure, modernization requirements and understand key business and technical objectives of various stakeholders

  • Deliver assessment report with current infrastructure, target state and recommended architecture

  • Provide a roadmap with crawl, walk and run stages to achieve the target state and architecture

  • Implementation plan with clear steps for getting to the target state

  • Containerize existing applications and make them Cloud Native ready

  • Migrate Monolith applications to Microservices architecture with best practices such as 12-factor app principles

  • Build CI/CD pipelines that improves software development lifecycle and deliver features faster

  • Deploy Kubernetes infrastructure that meets your key technical and business objectives

  • Implement recommended Kubernetes and Cloud best practices for production grade environments that covers Security, Availability, Scalability and Performance

  • Automate various infrastructure and operational activities to ensure reliable infrastructure operations

  • Bring in our vast engineering experience to build custom solution / platform capabilities

  • Build custom Kubernetes operators to power your solution / platform features

  • Integrate Kubernetes ecosystem projects and cloud services to deliver key automation capabilities

  • Maintain uptime of Kubernetes production environments to ensure your applications are always available

  • Proactive monitoring of infrastructure to detect problems early and mitigate them

  • Timely and pre-validated upgrades of Kubernetes clusters and various installed components to ensure production environments remain secure & available

  • Periodic review of operational best practices to ensure infrastructure remains secure, available, performant and cost-effective

How you benefit

We help you modernize your infrastructure so that you can focus on deliver great value to your customers

Speed to Market

With our dedicated team of certified Kubernetes experts we take care of all operational aspects of your Kubernetes environments so that you deliver features faster to your customers.

Lean DevOps

Keep your DevOps team lean through the automation and deep Kubernetes expertise that we bring and stay focused on your business outcomes.

Empower Developers

Provide your developers a modern cloud native infrastructure that allows them experiment faster and continuously ship features.

The Team

A passionate team of technologists who have successfully built multiple cloud focused organizations and delivered large scale engagements.

13+ Years in the Cloud

Founding team has been building products using Cloud and helping customers adopt Cloud since 2008.

  • Built a consulting company that was in the first ever batch of global AWS premier tier partners

  • Have worked with very large Enterprise including highly regulated ones like Healthcare

  • Built large scale Data Lakes, custom Cloud platforms for Enterprises

  • Highly experienced in building large scale & secure cloud architectures

Built Large Scale Kubernetes Platforms


  • Founding team has built internal Kubernetes platforms at large Unicorns and enterprises

  • Highly proficient in designing platforms that provide self service experiences

  • Deep knowledge in Kubernetes such writing Operators, Custom Resource Definitions that are backbone of modern Kubernetes platforms

  • Extremely adept in Kubernetes ecosystem to make right design choices of technology stack that is future proof

Certified Kubernetes Engineers

We ensure you get the best experience and the appropriate advise through our team of certified engineers


  • Certified Kubernetes Administrators that have solid hands on experience in Kubernetes and its ecosystem of projects

  • Have deep knowledge in Cloud infrastructure across multiple cloud provider

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 Open Source

We love giving back to the community. Learn how our Identity Manager Open Source Kubernetes Operator helps in automating the creation and management of pod identities.

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