Fractional Mission Case Study

Invisibl Cloud helps Fractional Mission to centrally implement Governance for AWS Accounts

About Customer

Fractional Mission revolutionizes the landscape of alternative investments by providing asset managers and owners with a platform for fractional ownership in a diverse array of real world assets—from real estate, solar energy to wind farms.

Fractional Mission’s investment platform is backed by multiple systems that run on various AWS accounts. The AWS infrastructure was spread across 100+ AWS accounts using various AWS services.


Due to the large number of AWS accounts implementing governance and security controls became a tedious, time consuming exercise.


Fractional Mission wanted to consolidate the AWS accounts and centrally implement governance and security controls.

The proposed solution should meet the following key requirements:

  • Consolidate 100+ accounts into limited set of accounts.

  • Centrally implement AWS account level controls.

  • Migration of existing CI/CD pipelines as part of the account consolidation exercise.

  • Automation for account provisioning using Infrastructure as Code templates.

Invisibl Cloud performed a detailed analysis of existing AWS footprint of the customer and implemented the following.

  • Consolidation of 100+ AWS accounts to 30 accounts.

  • AWS Organization and OU Structuring.

  • AWS Control Tower for Landing Zone & Controls.

  • OU based access control to accounts.

  • Implementation of AWS Organizations Service Control Policies.

  • Laceworks integration for compliance enforcement based on CIS & PCI standards.

  • CDK based Infrastructure as Code implementation.

  • Security Policy & Governance enforcement using Cloud Custodian.

  • Bit Bucket to GitHub migration of 50+ repos.

  • Consolidation of repos.

  • CI / CD Pipeline migration from Circle CI to GitHub Workflows.

  • CDK based Infrastructure as Code implementation.

  • Serverless Framework to CDK Migration

"Invisibl Cloud Architects & Engineers have a very deep understanding of the AWS Cloud. The entire AWS Account consolidation exercise was well planned and executed by them with no disruption to the business."

  • Streamlined DevOps processes for account creation and infrastructure provisioning through Infrastructure as Code templates.
  • Simplified AWS Account Management by consolidating from 100+ accounts to a handful of accounts.
  • Improved Security & Compliance by centrally applying security and governance controls.
  • Reduced downtimes during deployments through robust CI/CD pipelines.